Is King Elizabeth II Extremely Connected with Prophet Muhammad?

Is King Elizabeth II Extremely Connected with Prophet Muhammad?

An interesting claim regarding the ancestry out-of Their Majesty King Age II has emerged on the web. Of reliable reports present so you can each and every day hit, some bodies have been debating, critiquing and examining the idea that Queen are originated regarding new Muslim Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This is what you have to know.


The first registered tip of Queen Elizabeth’s relation to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) arises from genealogist Harold B. Brooks-Baker inside 1986. Inside the a page so you’re able to up coming British Best Minister crazy moves from inside the the newest veins of the King” that he considered common knowledge certainly one of Muslim leadership. So it allege has wide ramifications given that, if it’s true, it would also result in the King a connection of King Mohammed VI off Morocco and you will Queen Abdullah II regarding Michael jordan as well as Ali Khamenei, new Ultimate Frontrunner of Iran.

Revival of your own claim

In , writing in the a post to have Moroccan newsprint Assahifa Al-Ousboue, Abdelhamid Al-Aouni served Brooks-Baker and you will claimed your Queen’s descent might be tracked back 43 years towards the Prophet with respect to the pursuing the lineage:

– Presumably, Abu al-Qasim Muhammed ibn Abbad, a good descendant regarding Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), is the great-grandfather off Zaida out-of Seville.

– Zaida, good Muslim refugee exactly who fled the new Berber pushes for the Seville, visited the fresh judge of Alfonso VI of Castille where she became their concubine and later, his spouse.

– A couple of ages after, the descendent, Isabella regarding Castille, married the initial Duke regarding York, Edmund Langley and you may provided delivery so you’re able to Richard from Conisburgh, Earl regarding Cambridge. He later on fathered Richard Plantagenet, Duke off York, who’s aren’t considered a predecessor of your own King.

Contacting the professionals

Brooks-Baker is actually the fresh new posting director to own Burke’s Peerage Limited, an effective genealogical publication of some 2 hundred age standing predicated on contrasting the latest origins from British royals and you may nobility.

However, jaumo his revelations enjoys commonly already been forgotten since purposefully debatable and you will outlandish to achieve show like the current clickbait statements. Within his 2005 obituary, Brooks-Baker was also known as good “self-designated power towards the the issues royal” whom “are commonly incorrect” of course, if ended up proper, was just accountable for and come up with noticeable claims. The fresh new Telegraph and reported that, diverging from their unprejudiced stance with regards to rumblings from inside the the latest push, Buckingham Castle awarded an announcement in order to clarify that Brooks-Baker know zero family members, which their declarations have been made instead degree otherwise power. The occasions stated that “authorities is actually know having paid down nothing desire previously” toward states made by Brooks-Baker.

Uk historian David Starkey claims that the “medieval monarchs of The country of spain and also the Islamic royal property had been most close” and you can, in one, “interilies” was in fact well-known during the background. Which cautious response understands the possibility of new King becoming related into the Prophet (PBUH) and won’t outwardly denounce it. Although not, it is not becoming facts.

Meanwhile, Lesley Hazleton, an academic and you will author exactly who targets faith and you may politics and you may is considered a professional towards the Islam, reviews it as “clickbait.” Predicated on Hazleton, brand new claim is actually response to the new “demonisation off Islam in the West” which shows a hope you to “respectability” could well be accorded with the religion.

Historians and genealogists including argue the newest historic accuracies upon which this new allege is created. That it claims sleeps for the idea that Zaida out-of Seville is the fresh dmed ibn Abbad, whom, therefore, are descended regarding the Prophet (PBUH). However, Zaida’s very own origins is actually controversial because the some believe, rather than are Abu al-Qasim’s dily.

Following the 2012 advancement out-of Richard III’s stays in a car playground inside the Leicester, various genetic evaluating had been used into the Plantagenet King. Current research has delivered into the matter their regards to the King, suggesting she does not descend off him and that, from the extension, can’t be a beneficial descendant of your Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Of numerous provides noticed that “for many who trace anybody’s descent right back far sufficient, you see – wonder headache – all of us are pertaining to both sooner.” – which means there was a change anywhere between being personally originated from people or just are regarding them. The fresh Observer attempts to put it for the position of the exhibiting one to a young child created inside the 1947, might have had 1,024 ninth-grandparents: contrast that it on King, who is speculated to become 43 rd high-granddmad (PBUH). Supposing that holds true, brand new Queen could have hundreds of thousands of 43 rd high-grand-parents.

And thus that have gaps inside historic info with no genetic proof, it is difficult to show the family members ranging from an 11 th -100 years Muslim little princess and an excellent 20 th -century United kingdom Queen, never ever head good eight th -century Prophet.

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