Quite the opposite, a sophisticated ring most recent throughout the magnetized storms will get force the subsolar magnetopause outward (age

Quite the opposite, a sophisticated ring most recent throughout the magnetized storms will get force the subsolar magnetopause outward (age

Playing with seemingly quick (20 minute) date menstruation amongst the vibrant stress measures, we implicitly think that the changes on magnetopause position primarily come from the changes regarding the solar piece of cake pressure and you may distinctions of your dayside job-lined up Part step 1 currents. As the magnetotail most recent might have a somewhat large response day, in standard they merely intensifies the result of the Area 1 latest. g., some estimations were made in the Samso ); although not, (1) the brand new noncoupled MHD model and this efficiency were exhibited significantly more than do maybe not replicate this new ring newest and you may (2) the time of the band http://datingranking.net/pl/lumen-dating-recenzja/ latest intensification can be so much more as compared to step three–cuatro hour included in these simulations. We work of your own coupled patterns less than that is qualitatively much like the results of the fresh noncoupled design, which means this does not changes the results.

In the long run, we need to contrast multiple works to confirm that our email address details are design-separate. Table step 1 gathers the advantage rules indices N from inside the (1) determined out of half a dozen items out-of about three globally MHD habits. The first is the fresh noncoupled SWMF design whoever performance was demonstrated a lot more than. In addition to the earliest operates (Type step one), we artificial three other brands of your the same noncoupled model, several with a top ionospheric conductivity and one that have an excellent dipole tilt. The newest level-integrated Pedersen conductivity is believed become equivalent to 5 S in all new brands, but sizes 2 and you may 3 which the brand new integrated conductivity try ten and you may 100 S respectively. Inside type cuatro, i simulated the new magnetosphere with a beneficial dipole tip 31° . Alterations in N anywhere between Items 1 and dos and you will Items 1 and 4 try short, and between Models step one and you may 3 was reasonable, but only for this new southward IMF. Note that the newest ionospheric conductivity 100 S is extremely highest and you can is going to be rarely found in facts. I reveal it in order to teach the new role out-of conductivity just like the both times rise in conductivity in the Version 2 changes N simply for the new acceleration increase with southward IMF.

An increase in the brand new magnetotail newest as well upsurge in the fresh new Area step one currents weakens the latest magnetospheric magnetic career and you can moves new dayside magnetopause earthward

Type 5 stands for operates of your own SWMF design along with comprehensive inner-magnetosphere ionosphere, and you can Type 6 ‘s the LFM-Merge design. For every single type, we build four works to your northward/southward IMF and also for the occurrence and you will acceleration increases because the told me significantly more than (24 works overall). Keep in mind you to Letter=6 about greatest theoretical situation in the event the magnetopause updates fits the stress equilibrium involving the solar wind vibrant pressure as well as the Earth’s dipole career and N=6.6 in the empirical Shue ainsi que al. ( 1998 ) design. Indeed, all acquired Letter is between these viewpoints or somewhat less. Four of half a dozen models expect Letter larger otherwise equal to 7 from the operates for the density boost for southward IMF. Although Variation 5 forecasts Letter smaller compared to 7, N was systematically high in cases like this each model.

At the same time, Tsyganenko and you will Sibeck ( 1994 ) noted that the mix-end latest plus a less studies the newest ring most recent along with the location step one currents dictate the fresh new magnetic job for the magnetospheric region of the magnetopause

In addition to the comparison of different models, we investigate the influence of grid resolution on our results. We have calculated two runs for the same southward IMF with density and velocity changes using the noncoupled SWMF model with the 1/16 RE grid spacing around the subsolar magnetopause. We obtain different power laws, N=6.712 and 6.132, in the density and velocity runs, respectively (instead of 7.80 and 6.69 for the same model with a low resolution). Moreover, the normalized (to the solar wind electric field) reconnection rates in the low-resolution runs are smaller than those in the high-resolution runs (but are about the same in the density and velocity runs for the same resolution). We also find some differences in the CPCP and the magnetic field magnitude at geosynchronous orbit. We note that the grid resolution influences the magnitude of maximal electric current density at the magnetopause and possibly may change the total magnetopause current, but this problem requires more careful studies and it stays outside of the scope of the paper.

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